Yorkshire Electrical Solar (YES) and Yorkshire Electrical Contractors (YEC) are based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The companies work in partnership to provide green energy and electrical solutions. Each company has vast experience in their field, providing an affordable solution in both electrical work and Solar PV.


Solar PV has a number of financial benefits. Them main benefit being the governments feed-in tariff scheme, currently paid at 15.44 pence for 100% of the elctricity you generate. You will also receive an export tariff of 4.5 pence. These are both paid directly to you by your energy provider. Year on year prices have increased for both electricity and gas. Currently solar is a wise investment, and with the rising costs of electricity, it will lead to even more annual savings. Many think that solar is no good for the UK, however our solar PV installations produce electricity from daylight, not just sunlight, making them ideal for the UK climate.

By fitting solar to your home or commercial property you will drastically reduce your electricity bills for the foreseeable future. Solar is by far one of the greenest and most efficient ways to power your home or property. It is also widely accepted that installing solar panels on your home raises its sale value.


YES was founded in 2012, by the director Roger Simpson. The company was setup after Roger spent a number of years working in the Solar PV industry, working across the UK on both the sales and installation side.

In 2013, the company secured permanent premises in the Parkgate area of Rotherham. The company itself has carried out Solar PV installations across the UK.


Yorkshire Electrical Solar (YES) is incredibly proficient and efficient in the way they operate. This is ideal for clients who don’t like mess, most solar installations can be completed in one day with all the paperwork completed within 24 hours, after the system has been commissioned.

The company is also very competitive on price, and by using YES you can protect yourself from the rising energy costs with a solar PV system. By offering competitive Solar rates we’ve made renewable energy affordable to anyone looking to save on their electricity bills and invest in their future.

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